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Verify Facts Everywhere Online

Defend Knowledge Wherever You Find it 

The world's first

distributed fact verification service for individual claims anywhere on the internet. 

How CiteSeal Works

CiteSeal allows you to link evidence from anywhere on the internet to sentences you think are true or false, and then displays the results of the evidence to the rest of the world when they read that sentence. 

The Browser Extension

Download the browser plugin for your computer or your mobile.

Highlighting, Linking & Reviewing

The browser extension allows you to highlight individual sentences or claims anywhere on the internet and lets you link that claim to any evidence that either supports or denies that claim. You can also write reviews and present your own arguments.

Become a Power Influencer

Grow your reputation by contributing high-quality reviews and evidence. Earn influence as your reputation increases. 

Earn money as a top influencer.

Types of Evidence

  • Photos & Video

  • Other Articles

  • News Reports

  • Scholarly Reports & Papers

  • Direct Quotes

  • Personally Argued Critiques and Reviews 

Adding Up the Evidence

One-Click Rating Report 

Any other user can right click on the sentence and see the total of all reviews and evidence as a color coded     next to the sentence:

Green for Verified

Yellow for Disputed

Red for Falsified   

Whenever anyone contributes evidence or writes a review 

CiteSeal calculates the results of all contributions and returns a CiteSeal rating for that claim or article.

View the History of Contributions

Users can also double click on the sentence which will open a window where they can inspect the history of all contributions in a message thread format.

Why use CiteSeal?

  • It's free for individuals and small content producers.

  • See what your friends, professors, politicians, and favorite celebrities are thinking about what you're reading, while you're reading it. 

  • Choose to contribute or simply observe what others are saying.  

  • Build a reputation as a power fact-checker and influencer, and earn money as a top contributor.   

  • Improve the quality, accuracy, and trust level of everything you read online.

  • Provide a service that is critical to the health of democracy and society.

  • Use CiteSeal because it is seamless and simple to use in real time, as you browse.

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