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Greenobie Green Credit Platform

An environmental behaviour tracking and reward system for individuals.












Presentation by, founder, Bill Seaward.

Note: at the time of the presentation the Canadian Province of Ontario was pursuing a carbon cap and trade market.  

Deployed on mobile devices, Greenobie will track consumer activities and choices, calculate the carbon and environmental intensity of these activities, and with the cooperation of government, issue real-time monetary rewards that are proportional to the carbon or environmental value conserved. So if you ride your bike to work or reduce electricity usage you will receive a monetary reward.

In addition to these cash rewards the system will be linked to social media. As people earn reward points their reputation increases on leader boards across social media, allowing users to compete against each other for rewards and green-reputation.


Greenobie will also provide a consumer information function, which gives consumers real-time environmental information on products, services, and activities potentially at the point of sale. This will ensure that users make informed consumer choices.


Why Greenobie Green Credits?

The world needs a price on Carbon. Canada's carbon tax works in part by increasing the price of goods and energy, which is supposed to decrease demand. This is a step in the right direction, however, taxes result in higher prices for goods, electricity, fuel, and heat which mostly hurts middle-class and low-income consumers. Meanwhile, income tax rebates and credits that are intended to return some of the costs back to individuals have a long reward latency and may ultimately produce the opposite effect of incentivizing people to consume more.

Instead of a negative incentive applied to individuals by a tax, the Greenobie platform provides a positive economic incentive to individuals, in the form of monetary rewards issued directly to individuals in real time. So when you take your bike to work instead of your car, you receive a monetary reward when you arrive.  Unlike with income tax rebates and credits, cash rewards for choices won't lead to more driving because the rewards themselves are directly generated by driving less. It's a step toward leading consumer behaviour in the right direction.   

Positive rewards of this sort will contribute to the net influence on consumer behaviour while offering real-time proportional cost-offsets to low-income and middle-class consumers as we transition away from a carbon-focused economy.


Greenobie—Positive Real-Time Green Rewards

It makes sense to give some of the revenue generated by a national carbon tax back to people in a way that matters to their daily lives. ​We believe these real-time behavioural rewards completes the carbon pricing approach to the challenge of climate change. Let's make Canada the world leader in green end-user behavioural change—change that is fair and economically stimulating.

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