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Distribics Technology is building innovations using the power of distributed systems and digital markets.


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Innovative Solutions
This is Us
This is Us

Bill Seaward

Bill has been spearheading Distribics Technology since 2016. He majored in philosophy at York University before completing a master's degree in Economics and Innovation at The University of Waterloo. His research history spans a variety of fields from complexity theory, to macro economics, to alternative energy. This multidisciplinary background provides the seedbed for Distribics innovations and defines our approach to problem solving. 

Jay Sheldon

An expert in applied science, technology, and data analysis, Jay holds a Master of Science in theoretical physics and a Master in applied mathematics from the University of Toronto. He knows his way around analytic tools, machine learning frameworks, full stack web development, and cloud computing. In addition to his work at Distribics Technology, Jay provides research and data science consultation for a number of fortune 500 companies in the e-commerce space.

Marc Smith

Based in Silicon Valley, California, Marc is a distinguished sociologist, network scientist, and technology developer, specializing in the social organization of online communities and computer-mediated interaction. As a subject matter expert on digital human interaction, Marc is critical to building and proving our forward- thinking innovations.    


Prior to joining the Distribics team, Marc developed NodeXL, the leading digital social network analysis and visualization software. He leads the Connected Action Consulting Group, and is the director of the Social Media Research Foundation. He is an affiliate faculty at the Department of Sociology at the University of Washington and the College of Information Studies at the University of Maryland, and is a Distinguished Visiting Scholar at the Stanford University Media-X program. 


Marc received a B.S. in International Area Studies from Drexel University in Philadelphia in 1988, an M. Phil. in social theory from Cambridge University in 1990, and a Ph.D. in Sociology from UCLA in 2001. He is the co-editor, with Peter Kollock, of Communities in Cyberspace (Routledge).


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